2020 …

We have been a bit lazy on updating the news. Stay tuned. Soon there will be more. Currently we are on Bali and sit out the Corona madness. Let’s hope things get back to normal soon. We are all set in our brandnew office in Larnaca, Cyprus and can’t actually wait to show and offer you all the stunning location possibilities, that this little, wonderful island hold for your upcoming productions …

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::: Thank You, Walter :::

With photographer Walter Bäumer we travelled the globe, running productions for beachwear brand Maryan Mehlhorn on the Bahamas, the Maldives, the Turcs and Caicos islands, on Mauritius and some beaches along the coastline of Forida, we produced features for German Playboy in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Bangkok and it was always huge fun to be on the road with Walter. He had so many stories to tell. Hilarious. Now he retired. Well, from photography at least. With his long lasting passion for old Italian sports cars he now deals with old Maserati cars and functions as a research specialist for hire, who finds out the original history of cars and their journey. - Well, thanks Walter, for letting us be on the road with you for some many great adventures.


… Sjoerd Ten Kate describes himself as the Flying Dutchman on his webpage www.sjoerdtenkate.com.

We were happy to have him stop by in Berlin to shoot a campaign for a limited edition of an AUDI TT, for which we delivered the full package of production services. … results and more pictures soon to come …

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