Have you ever thought about staging your next shoot in Kazakhstan?

The country offers a huge diversity on locations and landscapes. 

Its's an easy six hours flight from Frankfurt and Kazakhstans major cities Astana and Almaty have so much to offer to make your stay pleasant and rich on new experiences. 

It's cost efficient too. And we make sure, you have trustful partners on your side. 

In 2018 we had a couple of shoots in Kazakhstan and decided to team-up with a local producer, who now represents Smiles & Coffee in Almaty and together with us runs local production from there . - Meet You soon in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is a democratic country, it's save and it offers all kind of landscapes, from snow-capped mountains, lakes, rock canyons and hills and forests to steppes and deltas and some architectual specialities from the soviet era.

Doing model- and talent casting in the country offers a rich diversity of local ethnicities. Also you can easily fly in models from Europe and Asia since the distance is the same in both directions.

Whatever topic you have, Kazakhstan delivers the perfect background for it. 

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