Within only 3,5 hours of flight time You can reach Cyprus from most European airports, as well as from Dubai or Moscow, it's always just a short trip and you'll arrive in a destination that offers you not only stable, good weather conditions all year round, but also an enormously wide range of locations. Add the very relaxed working atmosphere, the great food, the experienced, great local crews, a good production infrastructure and an excellent road network that takes You from one location to another in no time, you will find with Cyprus the ideal production hub.

Cyprus is not only about beaches and crystal clear water. There is so much more. 

  • A Climate that gives you 300+ days of pure sunshine per year and temperatures, that make it possible to shoot all year round; with a bit rain between december and february, but also deep and shiny fresh snow on the high mountains, between january and march. Blue sky, light wind and crystal clear, turquoise water throughout the year.
  • Stunning nature that ranges from deep pine forests, to rock formations and rock pools, to stone- and sand beaches in various colors, waterfalls, wide open farm- and graslands of all shapes and colors and some beautiful wine routes with their estates along the way. 
  • A wide range of different architecture, ranging from modern office and hotel buildings, to stylish arranged marinas and shopping areas, to romantic alleys and medieval villages. Private villas and town houses, premium luxury apartments and funky turned-into-lofts warehouse premises.

Villas and architecture.

Sports and watersports.

Beaches, cliffs and rocks.

Forests, fields and farm land.

  • Perfect sports and outdoor activity locations. In Cyprus you can dive, snorkel, windsurf, surf, kitesurf, SUP, jet-ski, snow-board, ski, hike and golf. You can do sailing & yachting, fishing and huntingclimb and picknick, BBQ and camping.  There are so many shores, so much nature... - picture it!
  • A modern road network , that connects all major cities and points of interest, so that you will never loose a bag of time when switching from one location to another. 
  • Local model and local crew & creatives, make-up artists, drone pilots, camera operators, gaffers, photo assistants etc.
  • 2 International airports  on the South side of the island. And easy and fast bordercrossing between the North and the South of Cyprus. ( when there's no pandemic happening...)
  • Rental studios and equipment rentals; Profoto, California Sunbounce, Arri and more  are all available on the island or can be easily brought in from Athens.  

Having travelled many years of my life around the globe, I found here on Cyprus a compressed source for the kind of locations I need for most of my productions.

So, ... WHY CYPRUS? - Answer:  Because Cyprus is a true production paradise

Whatever your plans are, we can give You the right support. Wherever You want to shoot and Whatever You want to shoot. We have the experience. We know the people. From global advertising image campaigns to entertainment web content - You name it, we produce it. With love. And Smiles. And Coffee.

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