It's time to shoot in Budapest, Hungary.

It's easy to fall in love with Budapest. 

With less than 2 million people, Budapest gives a feeling of cozyness while still being full of life everywhere. Budapest is made up of two main cities, Buda, on one side of the Danube river and Pest on the other side. Both with their own features and beauty. Let us show You around and take You to the most photogenic spots, promenades, markets and rooftops. We love exploring. And we did the groundwork for You upfront. 

Stunning architecture, a superb old town and super beautiful bridges and streets makes it impossible, to NOT find a good shooting spot. The last war left the city almost untouched, so the city is dominated by its historical look. 

Budapest also offers a range of real film sets, like the Bavaria studios in Munich or Babelsberg filmpark near Berlin. - We have many locations, indoor and outdoor, in our data-base and would be happy to show them to You, to give You an idea, what You will get, when coming here.

Prices went up in Budapest in the last few years, but still it's an inexpensive place for photo- and film productions. Enjoyable team-dinners in big groups are here no financial issue. And don't miss out on the cake after the mains. 

Best travel and shooting time for Budapest is May to October, while you can catch some great snowy scenes in Jan and Feb. - Come try it out. It's worth it.

And after the shoot You can relax in thermal bath; there are plenty of bautiful indoor and outdoor baths to choose from. Google Széchenyi thermal bath, and You know, what I mean.

Last but not least I want to point out: There are so many great spots in Eastern Europe. 

Be curious. Be brave. Try them. Let us guide You. 

I am also a huge fan of the Baltic States, not only talking about Riga, but talking about Lithuania for instance, Vilnius, it's small but extremly charming capital. Also Estonia and its landscapes. Speaking about landscapes, Serbia offers such incredible mountain views and hiking trails and Belgrad is a city, You shouldn't be afraid to place a film shooting in. Leading us to Georgia .... and so on and on. #staycurious #trynew 

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